Episode 11 (short)

How to reach people with PR - InboundPR?

A PR example (transcript)

Why you must focus your PR not on you, but the person you are trying to reach.

Just reading a short article over lunch.

It popped up on my twitter feed from @thefutureofPR

It's written by from Illyana Stareva who is the author of a book called inboundPR (@Inbound_PR_Bookabout the future of PR.

She makes some really interesting points which struck me and I wanted to share three observations with you in this bonus bite size podcast from my experience because I think what Ilayana says is just as relevant whether you are doing your own PR or employing a firm.

Firstly, she says "that it all starts with the public in mind". Consumers she says hold the power.

I couldn't agree more.

The blunt reality is no one cares about you or your business, all they care about ultimately is themselves and how what you do applies to them.

So, PR activity as Illyana says must start with the end user.

I think one of the most common mistakes I saw as a news editor... I went through so many press releases which would begin with something like X company CEO says Y.

Often the bit about how what they said mattered to consumers was about a 1/3rd of the way from the bottom in the press release (if I'd had time to look) when it should have been the headline.

As Illyana says, start with the person.

The second point I found interesting in her article was that - trust in government and institutions has fallen and that people look to their own peers as experts.

One point I would make here is that I always advise clients to speak like real people. People want to hear from people they can relate too. They don't want to hear from a politician or a corporation.

There is this way of speaking, a style and a pace, which you just know instantly is political or perhaps corporate speak and people switch off instantly

You have to talk to people in the language and way your end target talks.

If you want to gain trust, you have to be their friend.

People love celebrities despite their images being largely manufactured. They trust their endorsements on instragram because they like them and trust them because celebrities talk their language. You may not want to be a celebrity but....

And point 3)

She makes the point that PR in the future must be quantifiable, with a clear return on investment.

Only recently I was asked for some help with a press release. I asked them what the story was. They said they just needed to send out a press release.

If you are going to spend time on PR, it should never just because you have to. You want to take advantage of the opportunity and then see if it works. If it doesn't, change it until it does. Plan your story, think it through and yes of the course this podcast can help.

I've not read Illyana's book but it sounds from the article like something I very much agree with and definitely worth a read.

So think about your end user, talk their language and don't bother doing PR unless you set out with the aim of making it work and then tuning it until it does.

Hope that helps.

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