What can we learn about public perception from Love Island?

Funmi Lijadu studied stars leaving the reality show Love Island. It raised some great points about working with reality stars

  • Attention fades fast. Assume that Love Island stars will have very short shelf lives. Try to avoid long-term deals.
  • Some will get representation and there is fierce competition amongst agencies for these top people but the vast majority won’t get this and that means there can be a lot of people “left over” which everyone else fights over.
  • The initial value straight after the show may be high. In the first 1-2 weeks, reality contestants will be prominent and they themselves often have inflated expectations unaware how their fame will disappear within a few months. 
  • Short-term contestants booted out after 2 days may get no deals at all.
  • Reality shows remind us that just like with PR stunts, one successful PR moment or media hit does not mean “success”.
  • The reason reality stars can’t remain prominent is that someone else will also be going viral tomorrow. In the modern world, attention is very fickle and fame can be gone in hours.