Making Press Releases Work – Introduction

One of the most common things listeners to the show reach out about is how to get journalists (new and traditional media) to pay attention to press releases and pitches.

I’ve spoken to quite a few listeners now about this on Zoom and LinkedIn conversations. It does seem to be getting any easier either.

Most pitches are ignored and it’s not just the media there is a problem with but the public we are trying to reach too.

If we can’t get a message to the media, whether that’s new media or traditional media, and we can’t get that message to then resonate with the public, then we’re really not getting very far.

So why don’t most pitches work?

That’s a lot of reasons and I’ve been compiling some pet peeves from my own experience as a news editor and from journalist friends.

So if you want to stand out in your PR operational or your team, this is what we need.