The Public Relations Podcast

Guest appearances
Facts and figures

Some facts about the show

  • Follower count (Spotify) : The show is in the top 5% most followed shows on Spotify with 2899 followers.
  • Highly shared (Spotify): The show is among the 10% most shared podcasts on Spotify. 61% of people share the link directly and 19% on Whatsapp.
  • Listening figures (source Anchor.FM): 250-500 in the first 30 days then it continues to grow. The last episode of series 2 has been listened to 2389 times (so far). As with all podcasting, every episode in the back catalogue gains new listens every week.
  • Engaged audience: The show gets private requests for help and advice from listeners every week showing an engaged audience.
  • Demographic (Spotify/Zippia):
    • 61% female, 36% male, 3% other
    • Mainly in the 23-34 age bracket but the audience goes up to roughly 45 years of age
    • The audience are some of the most prolific networkers on social media with large networks and high communication
    • 83% have a degree (75% Bachelors, 8% Masters)
    • Direct messages have been sent to the show from listeners working in PR agencies, global organisations and government, as well as people entering the industry, solopreneurs and students
    • Roughly 42% work in the private sector in PR, 32% in the public sector with the most common industries being education, retail, corporate, professional services, manufacturing, tech and media
    • The majority of listeners are in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and India
  • Ratings: Listeners rate the show 4.5/5 despite the show not being a commercial production or full-time effort.

What is The Public Relations Podcast

The Public Relations Podcast is about helping listeners become “that” person in the office who stands out.

It’s about helping them (whatever level they are currently at) to become the person who delivers incredible, giant-killing results for their organisation.

The show mixes case studies with other listeners sharing stories of their current campaigns, visits to a PR events or stunts as they happen, a current observation/theory/idea, a review of a big PR story and the techniques used, or a discussion of PR principles on everything from psychology to using A.I.

As we know PR has changed. This show looks at anything that will help listeners develop an “emotional connection” between their organisation and the public. It’s about practical frontline PR, as it happens. Ideas that really work today.

Who do we talk to (priority order)?

There is a lot of demand to appear on the show which is great but to ensure the show remains focused this is how we choose guests.

The show talks to individuals who are currently working on the frontline of PR about their personal experience of working hands-on on campaigns today or recently.

We very rarely take “general commentators” or “advice givers” unless they are at an event the podcast is attending, they are sharing a recent, first hand experience or they have really unique experiences to share that hasn’t had much coverage elsewhere.

In priority order….

Definition of “Listeners”
Listeners always get priority. We define a listener as someone who has been signed up to the email list for at least 3 newsletters OR has reached out to comment on a particular point in a previous episode via email or direct message.

  1. If we are attending an event as guests of the organisers (e.g. CommsCon2023) then we’ll interviews attendees
  2. A “listener” who is launching (or managing) a PR event/stunt/activity today
    • If you are going to be “on-site” and happy to talk about the strategy and thought process behind it, with some background noise (creates great atmosphere), we would love to have you on from the event.
  3. A “listener” who is going to be at a PR/marketing conference?
    • Share with fellow PRs who you are mingling with and what you are noticing. Let’s get you on from the event or, for major events.
  4. A “listener” who is currently running a campaign or recently finished one?
    • Are you a listener to the show and currently running or recently finished a campaign? Share the story of the campaign, the successes and learnings with the PR world as we talk through the story of the campaign. If you would rather leave out specific names we can do that too.
  5. A “listener” who has an update on a campaign or a new development
    • Something they want to share that could help other listeners.
  6. Someone who hasn’t been in contact with the show before but is working hands-on themselves on a campaign
  7. Lastly, unique experience guests
    • People who can share a genuinely unique insight such as working journalists, psychologists, or PRs in niche fields (e.g. Chenda Ngak, Head of PR discussed the tech space based on her decades of experience).

Repeat guests

In many ways repeat guests are better than one-off guests. This is because the show is about an ongoing conversation with guests checking in to share a new idea their spotted.

If you have already been on and have a new update on a PR campaign you are working on, a stunt you are doing, want to share something you saw that could help others or have been to an event where you spotted something everyone should know about, let us know. If it can be slotted in and fits the format, it will be.

Who is Richard Midson, the presenter of the show

Richard Midson has been involved in communications for 25 years. He was a duty editor at the UK’s second-largest news organisation and the presenter of London’s only all-news drivetime show for several years. He created a niche aviation YouTube channel watched 1.6 million times across the series and was a key part of the public relations team for the leader of the third largest group in the European Parliament at the time.

Format of episodes

5-15 mins. At least once per week, often more frequently.

The podcast is recorded in a “voice note” style rather than a traditional podcast format. Think of it as being like the presenter grabbed their phone in order to share a thought or a chat with someone he bumped into that week and wanted to share it with everyone.

Listen to a short set of clips to get an idea of the style.


Guest chat recordings take about 20-30 mins in total with 9-15 minutes used due to the short episode structure often over 1-2 episodes.

What equipment do I need?

If you have a webcam then you are ready to go. If you have a decent microphone as well, then even better. We’re more interested in great frontline PR content than “perfect” sound.

Contact the show

If you’ve not already been in touch, reach out and let us know about the campaigns you are working on via

Direct message: Richard on LinkedIn here

Some of the topics covered so far

A.I. and PR • political comms • tech PR • Balenciaga’s picture crisis PR • press release writing • press relations • dealing with journalists • crisis comms • Tom Cruise’s connection building techniques • Inbound PR techniques • the science behind short form video • Will Smith’s Oscars slap • tourism and tech PR techniques • …. and more