A PR Resource in your pocket.

Imagine a platform that fixes PR problems as they occur during your day.

A PR resource in your pocket.

Maybe you are trying to get coverage and it’s not working, maybe you need the latest stats to convince a client of the value of PR, maybe it’s preparing for a media interview, planning for an emerging crisis, or coming up with an event on zero budget, etc, etc.

The platform will contain all the ideas from the show (and beyond) and turn them into clear practical steps you can apply at the exact moment you need it. It’ll be constantly updated and if something isn’t there, you’ll be able to ask. 

Interested? I need to gauge the level of interest. If you “might” be interested, add your name to the list so I can send you some more details.

Problems with the form? Send me an email to info@thepublicrelationspodcast.com and I’ll add you to the list.