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Unstick your PR day

“Imagine a platform that brings together all the latest ideas, information and analysis from The Public Relations Podcast and puts it into a system that provides instant, step-by-step ideas to unstick your PR day, whatever issue you are facing. “


Tap into a huge range of practical, BS-free, clear steps when you need them.

Unlike the show notes, it’ll be written for instant action from the point of view of helping you overcome an issue at the exact moment you are facing it. Can’t get that press release right, click the platform. Can’t convince someone of the value of PR, do the same.

It’ll be constantly updated with the latest industry ideas. I’m even hoping to have some human-powered advice in there too and a private discussion group. They’ll even be some PR Positivity for those days when nothing seems to be working.


It’ll especially help if you are stuck on….

  • Getting more press coverage (old and new media)?
  • Convincing a client or boss about the value of PR?
  • Producing a giant-killing PR stunt on a crazily small budget?
  • Preparing for a crisis!
  • Developing a stronger relationship with the public
  • Getting some feedback. Occasional access to a news editor privately who understands PR?
  • Lists of specialist agencies who specialise in your particular problem


It’s for anyone who is already in a PR-related field (just like the show) from individual PRs, to small marketing teams to people in agencies. Everyone is welcome but it’s not going to be PR 101, there are tonnes of great resources for that. This is about that edge, the things that make you stand out. It’s for anyone who is facing a PR challenge to overcome and feels they could be achieving more this day.


Regular listeners of The Public Relations Podcast will know that I can’t charge for things outside of my current work contract. I’d like to keep that job. This will be “donation” pricing and the price will reflect that.

If there’s a lot of interest and I can start charging properly, prices will go up but I’ll make this promise to you now. Anyone who signs up now and supports the project will keep that same “donation fee” for good (as long as you stay signed up of course) whatever price other people pay in future.


I want to keep the show independent and focused but the reality is it costs money to make (CRMs, hosting, etc). I could ask for donations or even get sponsorships but I would much rather give you real value in return for your support. That way we can keep this show honest and impartial, which I know many of you like.


Great! Thank you for your support!

Add yourself to the list below and I’ll keep you up to date with special email updates on the progress of the project. I’ll also be looking for testers (at even lower prices).

By the way. Two things. When you sign up, you’ll get a confirmation email. You have to click the link in there for this to work. Also, your normal newsletter subscription won’t cover this. You’ll need to add yourself to this special list too.