Resources Introduction

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What is it?

Every week I’ll turn the key episode takeaways into resources for followers of the show to use.

From 7th Nov 2022, I’ll be adding one section per week. In other words, it’ll grow fast.

It’s free

This is all free but I need something from you to help me out too.

I need to know what people want or I’m wasting my time. To do that, I’ve added a simple login system that allows me to see what people access. If you can help me, I’m very happy to put in the time to create these.

Customer support?

This site is free. I don’t make any money from this and so there is no “customer support”. If you spot a problem, I’d love to know. But if you are one of those people who love to complain or moan about something that is being provided for free as a passion project, then do send me your email anyway so that I can remove and block you from everything I do now and in the future. Thank you.

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