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Who is Richard Midson?

Richard Midson is a 25 year veteran of the communications world.


He’s been a journalist and news editor for the UK’s second largest news organisation, a broadcaster presenting London’s only all-news radio drivetime show. He’s been a public relations officer for the leader of the third largest group in the European Parliament. He created a niche aviation YouTube show which was watched by more than 1.6 million people across the series. He now works in communications technology at Automattic.com

Richard has spent his life studying what builds a “connection” between organisations and the public. He draws on his experiences of having to engage and build rapport with people as diverse as senior politicians to teenagers, to law abiding people to those on the edge of society.

As the host of The Public Relations Podcast, he studies what is going on in the the front line of PR each week, sharing observations, talking to people working on projects today and sharing action steps to try when listeners get to work.

What he talks about

As a speaker, Richard shares ideas from the podcast and his own experience to a wide variety of audiences from small virtual online meetings to large conferences.

Richard loves talking to PR and non-PR people about PR principles. He beleives PR can be applied to every aspect of a modern organisation and encourages everyone to embrace and enjoy communicating with the public.

Some specific ideas…

Richard believes PR is often misunderstood and really enjoys showing non-PR people how PR principles can change their relationship with the public.

Below you’ll find a couple of ideas and workshops.

  • What is PR and why every aspect of your organization needs it
  • How to prepare for your first media interview
  • How to do your own PR on a nearly invisible budget
  • Applying PR principles to solo businesses
  • Why your business might want a podcast after all


No fees: There are no fees! All talks are free due to the nature of Richard’s current work. The only cost would be travel expenses (where applicable).

Remote talks: Richard has a green screen studio for virtual presentations and workshops.

Physical talks – Get Richard’s full energy in the room with physical talks. Travel expenses may apply depending on location.

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