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Free talks on public relations

Have you been tasked with doing the public relations for your organisation? Or, do you someone who has?

Then hopefully you already know that this show and newsletter is all about you (or your friend!).

My aim is to help the people who need to step up their PR game but don’t have the time to study all the ideas out there and aren’t in a position to bring in an agency.

What are the basics of PR? How do you decide your brand? How do you send a press release? What do you do if a journalist calls you back!

I’ve had 25 years of experience in communications as a journalist, public relations, in social media production and in high tech and I want to share that with you.

In these talks I give a crash course on the basics, covering ideas you can then develop further yourself.

A few years ago I arrived at a business networking event and ended up doing a full impromptu workshop with a group of start ups. Why don’t we do the same?

By the way if you have a multi-speakier event and you have already invited us to speak at it, ask us about how we could cover your event in The Public Relations Podcast and Newsletter too. More than 2000 people listened to the last episode. Click here to find out more.

What will you talk about?

It’s a 45 minute crash course in public relations with practical ideas you can use today and develop yourself.

What does it cost?

Nothing. By the nature of my current work, I can’t charge. So, virtual talks are totally free, physical talks are just down to expenses (if I’m far away from you).

Who are you?

My name is Richard Midson. I host The Public Relations Podcast and Newsletter. I’ve been involved in communications for 25 years. I spent ten years in radio journalism as a news editor at the second largest news organisation in the UK and presented the only nightly, all news radio show for several years across London, UK.

I created a YouTube channel on private aviation which reached 1.6 million views. I was a partner in a small PR firm.

I went on to spend 3.5 years as a communications officer for the leader of the third largest political group in the European Parliament.

In 2020 I started studying successful podcasters and spent two years on the project going on to lead a course at one of the world’s biggest website companies.

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