The PR Manual
(Show notes)

!!Update June 2023!!

Welcome back to the “manual” area of the site. There have been some changes.

The manual area was becoming too much to maintain sadly with the show being a side project. You are very welcome to look at what was here as the stuff will remain as is for the time being. Scroll down the page to see the original content last updated in early 2023.

FAQ – Do I still need a login?

No you don’t. Thank you so much for your support if you created a login. It really helped to demonstrate what people were interested in and helped to shape the show from Season 6.

Can I delete my information?

If you signed up to the newsletter as part of the account creation then you’ll still be on that list but the login list for this manual area has been deleted, so you have been removed already.

Why did you remove the login and stop developing the manual?

The simple answer: Time.

There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to be writing high-quality content in this way for free I’m afraid.

If it had been a business it might have worked but it was taking too much time, subbing the content, testing it, etc.

But this is also why an entirely new platform was created in the form of While it’s not a full business, as it will be charged at supporter rates, its going to provide everything that was here, human support, daily updates but also a lot more. Click here for more.

But I want my money back?

Errrr. There wasn’t a fee for this? It was a project that sadly didn’t work out. If you work in PR or comms and want to take a look at something that will be a lot more useful check out the PR-ology project.