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Every week since 7th November 2022, the key lessons from each episode have been added to this area of the site.

There are already a few in-depth step by step tutorials and lots of show notes covering a wide variety of topics. The notes were mostly written to help present the shows and not for human reading. So expect typos, grammar errors and missing content.

If you are looking for something more refined then as of March 2023 work has began on a whole new project. It’s turning everything in the show into a practical “PR resource in your pocket”. If you have a PR problem during your working day, this will be the solution. Everything is being turned into practical, clear cheatsheets and advice you can access at the exact moment you need it. To find out more about this project, click here (opens in a new window).

In the meantime you are very welcome to login to this area of the website too.

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Because I need your help.

Podcast listening figures give me an idea of what people want but the people I most want to reach are people like you, the people who are the most engaged with the project.

By logging in I’ll be able to see what people really want from this show.

Customer support?

There isn’t any. Sorry. This is an entirely free project and I just don’t have the time.

If you work with that mindset then I wish you very well and I hope you find these resources really useful.

That said, I know some people are still complainers. If you like to complain about something that someone shared for free as part of a passion project, then please do send me your complaint. That way I’ll know which email address to remove from the list so that I can block you. I’m only interested in helping people who are worth helping.

What next?

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Right now yes, sadly.

If you sign up for a PR Manual login you’ll get both the newsletter and Manual access. If you only signed up to the newsletter you’ll only get the newsletter. However, it’s all free, so if you fill out the form below you’ll have access to both from now on.

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